City of Newcastle jumps aboard the Asset Vision Platform

City of Newcastle has chosen Asset Vision to record and manage its Road Maintenance Council Contract (RMCC) with Transport for NSW (TfNSW).

City of Newcastle was looking for an easy to use solution, which could support its Asset Inspection and Maintenance objectives for their RMCC contract with TfNSW, and which also has the capability to expand to support it’s own Council-owned asset portfolio.

One of the in-built benefits of the Asset Vision Platform is the ability to share maintenance responsibilities across multiple organisations, in a seamless and efficient manner. With TfNSW already utilising Asset Vision across the NSW road network, City of Newcastle is able to seamlessly connect their organisation in Asset Vision, with TfNSW, to undertake their maintenance activities in Asset Vision with both parties to benefit from a seamless and transparent reporting process.

At a later date, City of Newcastle can also connect its Council-owned asset portfolio to Asset Vision, and manage everything from the one platform.

Asset inspectors at City of Newcastle will also utilise our innovative Co Pilot add-on hands free Inspection module, for efficient and safe road network inspections.

Situated on the east coast of NSW, Newcastle is surrounded by golden sand beaches, a breathtaking coastline and a beautiful working harbour. The cafes, restaurants and bars, unique architecture and rich history stretch from the city to the suburbs.

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The RMCC establishes a collaborative contractual relationship between Transport for NSW (TfNSW) and NSW Councils, with both parties committed to shared values and trust. The concept of continuous improvement is central to the RMCC. Councils are being invited to participate in a process which aims to lift the standard of risk and asset management by fostering the exchange of ideas, work practices and planning methodologies, with the ultimate result of improving value for money.

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