Asset Vision AutoPilot

Capture an up to date digital twin of your road network and share it with the wider team.

AutoPilot enables the Asset Vision mobile app to automatically and silently capture photos of the oncoming road every 10 metres during an inspection. 

These photos are uploaded to the cloud and stored against the inspection for sequential playback through the Asset Vision web portal, with the location of where the photo was taken moving along the map in real time.

Users can review the inspection, extract images, including metadata with relation to date/time captured and GPS coordinates, as well as create follow up work activities for areas of interest.


Significantly improves the safety and well-being of field workers by keeping their hands on the wheel and their eyes on the road. Visual inspections can be undertaken from the office, through video playback, helping field crews concentrate more on just driving the route. Eliminates crew interactions with traffic reducing the risk of LTI/LTIFR and injury claims.


Reduces the time from defect/hazard identification to job creation. Support claims, disaster recovery and safety audits. Builds a comprehensive set of asset data from which better investment and planning decisions can be made.


Super easy and quick to get up and running. AutoPilot can be used together with the wider Asset Vision Platform or as an add-on to your existing systems – it’s up to you.

Example usage of AutoPilot playback across Moyne Shire Council, Tom Landry Freeway, Dallas Texas and Monash Freeway in Victoria.
Example usage of AutoPilot playback for a driven road inspection in Narre Warren North, Victoria
Introducing our AutoPilot Top View, using AI to generate a top-down perspective with no additional cameras required