DoT Victoria announced as a finalist in the Gartner Eye on Innovation Awards for Government 2021

Asset Vision is very pleased to announce our involvement in The Department of Transport (DoT) Victoria’s submission in the Gartner Eye on Innovation Awards for Government 2021.


  • Department of Transport (DoT) Victoria has been a client of Asset Vision since 2013, using our platform across Metropolitan and Regional Victoria
  • DoT Victoria’s AI Driven Rapid Asset Inventory and Condition Assessment submission has been announced as a Finalist in Gartner’s Eye on Innovation Awards for Government 2021
  • Gartner Inc (Gartner) is a leading global technology research and consulting firm that provides advice and insight to companies and governments worldwide
  • The submission focuses on DoT Victoria’s use of Asset Vision’s recently acquired “EaglEye” technology (AI-powered Asset and Pavement Defect detection)
  • This award recognises government driven initiatives across the world that make innovative use of data and emerging technologies

The award category recognises government initiatives that make innovative use of data and emerging technologies to tangibly advance their progress toward digital government. All submissions are assessed by Gartner, and finalists are selected by benchmarking against world-class performance standards.

DoT Victoria has been recognised as a finalist for the award, alongside submissions from Singapore and Taiwan which is an incredible achievement. We are really excited that the core of the submission involves the use of our AI-powered Asset and Pavement Defect detection solution EaglEye, and it is great to see our technology showcased on the world stage.

In early 2020, the DoT Victoria and their Alliance Partner DM Roads wanted to make a difference. They saw an opportunity to leverage emerging technology that would allow them to make a true paradigm shift when it came to effectively capturing the data required for road maintenance. This technology would make existing approaches for identification of assets redundant, and would help direct the limited road maintenance budgets to those areas of greatest concern. Under the direction of DoT, DM Roads undertook a detailed analysis of the market, and selected EaglEye as the technology partner most likely to deliver on the vision of the Alliance.

By mid-2020, the Alliance utilised EaglEye to automatically detect, categorise and condition rate road assets and pavement defects. This then allowed the asset management teams to understand the current state of the road network, and to direct limited resources to target those locations where remedial works are required.

Capturing assets and road defects with cameras and artificial intelligence means inspectors no longer need to leave their vehicles and can instead travel at the speed of the traffic, leading to significant safety improvements and time saving. For the DoT Victoria, this approach is transforming the way they think about maintaining Victoria’s road network and provides a sound set of base data to accurately evaluate both the short and long-term planning required to maintain the network to the level expected by the community and road users.

Following our acquisition of EagleSoft in July 2021, our team continues to work hard to integrate this incredible technology into the Asset Vision Platform, and deliver a full end to end Intelligent Asset Management Platform to the market.

An overview of DoT Victoria’s submission can be viewed via this link: