Privacy policy

This privacy policy applies to Asset Vision and our handling of personal data. Asset Vision (ACN 645 298 451) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Future First Technologies Ltd (ACN 164 718 361).   

Asset Vision provides asset management services and technologies to government and corporate clients, including asset maintenance, asset register, operations, asset inventory and conditions, risk and compliance, and co-pilot technologies and services. 

Asset Vision provides services to government and corporate clients, not individuals.  Due to the commercial nature of our services, Asset Vision, for the most part, collects the information of individuals in their professional capacity.  For example, we collect information of a client’s authorised contact person, as part of their role within the client organisation.   

That being said, privacy (and the managing of personal data in accordance with law and community expectations) – is a core value for Asset Vision.  It is also an important part of our relationship with our clients. 

This Privacy Policy explains how we handle personal data.  As an Australian company, we apply the privacy principles set out in the Australian Privacy Act 1988 (Cth), which guide how we collect and manage personal information (we use the term personal data throughout this document). Importantly, we: 

  • give you clear information about our personal data handling practices, 
  • only collect personal data that is necessary for our functions, 
  • understand the purpose of our services, and restrict our use and disclosure of personal data in that regard, and 
  • take reasonable steps to keep the personal data we have secure. 

Our personal data handling practices align with requirements sets out in the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other relevant data protection laws where we collect and store personal data of people outside of Australia. 

Personal data 

Personal data is information that identifies a person (or could reasonably lead to them being identified).   

When providing our services, we collect some (but not a lot of) personal data.  The types of personal data we collect and process depends on our relationship with you.  We generally collect and process personal data from the following groups of people: 

  • Website visitors – We collect some personal data when people visit this website. 
  • Clients and prospective clients – Our clients are organisations, companies, corporations and government departments or agencies.  The personal data we collect includes details of the nominated contact person(s). 
  • Client employees, contractors, and crews – A range of personal data is collected from client employees, contractors and crews that interact with our technologies and services.  
  • Individuals whose personal data is held in client data – Sometimes we manage personal data held in client data (i.e., data that is owned and controlled by our clients).  
  • Folks who are interested in working for Asset Vision – We collect personal data of job applicants, and (where relevant) an applicant’s referees. 

How we collect and process personal data depends on our relationship with you.  In some circumstances we handle personal data as a data controller (i.e. we control and are responsible for the personal data we collect), and in other instances we handle personal data as a data processor (i.e. we process personal data for and on behalf of our client, and our client controls what we do with the personal data). 

Personal data collected and processed 

The types of personal data we collect and process are set out below. 

We use external service providers to provide particular services and functions of Asset Vision.  To provide these services and functions, those parties may collect and process personal data on our behalf.  A listing of our service providers can be provided on request. 

Analytics data  

We collect and use analytics and cookie data from a person’s use of the website and our technologies to understand how people interact with our website (, and our web based and mobile platforms. 

We generally collect this information through the use of cookies.  More information about this is contained in our Cookie Notice

Data we collect and process when you use our website or technologies includes: 

  • How long you stayed on our website, 
  • Whether you clicked on external links via our website, and 
  • Approximate location of the device you used to interact with our website.  

Enquiries data 

If you are a contact person for an organisation, we collect and process minimal personal data when you ask about our services.  Enquiries can be made via phone, email, post, or when you submit an online ‘contact us’ form or request a demo online. 

Data we collect and process includes the name of an organisation’s contact person, the organisation’s preferred phone, email and address details, and details of the enquiry or correspondence with us. 

Client contact information 

We collect and process personal data to get in touch with our client’s contact person(s) as part of providing our services.  We generally collect this information when a client purchases a product or service from us.   In this context, we usually only collect details of the nominated contact person(s), such as the contact person’s name, and the business email, phone and address they are using.    

We also collect and process correspondence with our client (including in regards to sales, support and accounts), to provide service references and to assist in our staff development. 

We may send promotional emails to a client’s nominated contact person.  Whilst these emails may be sent to a client’s contact person, they are intended for our clients, i.e. organisations.  If at any time the client wishes not to receive promotional communication from us, they can request to be removed from any mailing list by contacting us at    

Payment data  

We collect and process payment information to provide our services.  Payments are generally made when a client receives our invoice. When clients provide payment information to us, they will usually provide the payment information of the organisation; not an individual’s payment information.   

There may be limited circumstances where personal payment information is provided to and processed by us (such as name on card, card type, amount purchased).  We do not knowingly receive payment information of a person; rather, we ask our clients to use their approved corporate payment facilities. 

Client employee, contractor and crew data 

We collect and process personal data when our client’s employees, contractors and crews interact with our technologies and services. Personal data collected may include name, job roles, contact information, timesheet information, voice dictation and location. 

Client-owned data 

We collect and process personal data when it is held in client data.  Client data is owned and controlled by Asset Vision clients.  An example of this is where a photo that contains a person’s image, or a car licence plate, has been collected and stored with client owned data.  

Asset Vision Community forum information 

Clients may participate in, or register an account for, our online forum – Asset Vision Community, available at . We may collect and process personal data from individuals acting on behalf of our clients, when they visit and participate in the forum.  Personal data collected may include IP address, email address, posts and/or content that is submitted to the forum that is personal data, and feedback. 

Before a client visits or participates in the Asset Vision Community forum, they must agree to the Asset Vision Community Terms of Service

Data subject rights request or privacy complaint 

When you submit a data subject rights request, or submit a privacy complaint, we use this data to process your request or investigate your concern, and to communicate with you.  We collect and use your name, contact information and details regarding your request or concern. 

Recruitment data 

When you apply for a job with us, we collect and process your personal data as part of the application (and, if successful, the hiring) process.  Recruitment data we collect and process may include name, email, phone, address, resume and cover letter details and references. 

Purpose of collection and processing 

We collect and process personal data for a number of purposes, which have been described above.  Our legal bases for doing this are set out in the table below.  

Legal Basis We collect and use Purpose 
Legitimate interest  Asset Vision does this in our interest to support and promote your use of our services Client contact data To send our clients promotional emails .  Whilst these emails may be sent to a client’s contact person, they are intended for our clients, i.e. organisations 
Analytics data – Essential data only (see also: Cookie Notice)  To ensure the proper functioning  of our website, online forum and platforms 
Consent   We ask a person to agree to this.  You can withdraw this consent at any time. Analytics data (see also: Cookie NoticeTo analyse the usage of our website, online forum and platforms, including through the use of cookies, to improve your user experience.  If you do not wish for us to use cookies, you can follow the process set out in our Cookie Notice
Enquiries data;  Client contact data To answer your questions about our services or your request for an online demo  
Data subject rights  request data; privacy complaint data To process your request or investigate your concern, and communicate with you 
Asset Vision Community forum information To personalise your experience of our online forum   To improve our community forum site and customer service based on feedback received  To send clients information and notifications in regard to the online forum, and to respond to your inquiries or questions 
Recruitment data To process your job application and, if you are successful, to offer you a job and commence your employment 
Contract   We collect and process personal data to fulfil our contract with you. Analytics data – Essential data only (see also: Cookie NoticeTo ensure the proper functioning of our web based and mobile platforms used by you when accessing our services under contract 
Client contact data To enter into a contract with you   To communicate with you or provide you support as part of our services   To answer your queries, concerns or complaints 
Payment data To accept payment for your purchase of our goods or services 
Client employee, contractor and crew data To communicate with a client’s employee, contractor or crew member(s) or provide them with support as part of our services  
Client-owned data To manage your data, as our client, in accordance with our contract with you. Some of this data may include personal data. 
Recruitment data To commence your contract of employment and to manage your employment with us 

Access to personal data by others 

Asset Vision uses external parties to provide services and functions on our behalf, (e.g. we use HubSpot to store information about prospective clients and run marketing campaigns on our behalf).  To provide these services, we may share personal data that relate to the services being provided.   We ensure that service providers only process personal data for the purpose it was provided to them, and not for any other purpose.  A listing of our service providers can be provided on request. 

We do not sell or share personal data with any advertisers, sponsors, content providers, media outlets, law enforcement or other person or entity, unless: 

  • We have your express permission, or 
  • There is a lawful ability or requirement for us to do so. 


The nature of our business means that we are unable to provide our services anonymously.  

Personal data management 

At Asset Vision, we securely manage and dispose of personal data that we collect and process, as outlined below: 


We store data that we collect and process in ‘the cloud’.  Data stored by us includes the personal data that we collect and process, as set out above.  Personal data is stored exclusively in Australia and is replicated between two server sites. 

We also use other service providers to store specific types of personal data (such as analytics and communications data) on our behalf.  The personal data stored by third party providers relates directly to their functions and services.  More information about our service providers can be provided on request. 


The security of your personal data is important to us, and accordingly, we have implemented a range of data security practices and controls.  We encrypt information entered into our platforms using secure socket layer technology (SSL), and follow generally accepted industry standards to protect personal data provided to us, both during transmission and once we receive it. 

Protection of personal data from unauthorised access, disclosure, alteration or loss is a priority for us.  Any concerns about the security of personal data collected or processed by Asset Vision should be reported to us at  


We store your personal data for different periods, depending on the purpose that it was collected for.  Where we no longer require personal data for the purpose it was collected, we will securely destroy that data.  

Client data stored by Asset Vision (including personal data held in client data) is securely destroyed 45 days after the termination or expiration of the Subscription Terms of Service.  The data stored in back up systems, however, is held for an additional 12 months (or longer if required by law), before being securely destroyed.   However, if an EU citizen chooses to exercise their right to erase with a client, Asset Vision (as a service provider or data processor of our client) will delete all personal data requested generally within 28 days, including personal data held on back up systems. 

At the termination or expiration of the Subscription Terms of Service, we will provide to our client a single copy of any (of their) client data in an industry standard database export format where requested by the client.   

Social media 

Asset Vision maintains a number of social media accounts, including a LinkedIn and YouTube account, for the purpose of marketing and publishing information about our services.   

Before you interact with us via social media, please be aware that personal data supplied to us through, or posted on any social media outlet becomes captured by the that social media platform’s privacy policy.  You may instead choose to contact us directly, via the details available on our website here.  

Data subject rights 

Under various privacy laws, people have certain rights regarding to their personal data held by Asset Vision, including: 

Right to access The right to access your personal data held by Asset Vision, and receive other information about that data. 
Right to correct The right to correct your personal data where you think it is incorrect or out of date. 
Right to erasure The right to require Asset Vision to delete all personal data we hold about you. 
Right to object The right to object at any time to certain type of processing of your personal data. 
Right to data portability The right to receive the personal data Asset Vision holds about you in an accessible format. 
Right to restrict processing In certain circumstances, you have the right to obtain a restriction on the processing of your personal data. 

If we hold personal data about you, we are happy to tell you what it is, update it, delete it, or stop using it.  We will not however, tell someone else what personal data we hold about you (unless you give us permission or we are legally required or authorised to do so).   If you would like to exercise any of your rights (in the table above) please contact us at  

 If you submit a data subject rights request to Asset Vision, where your personal data is held and controlled by our client, we will direct you to the appropriate organisation. 

Questions and complaints 

If you have a question about this Privacy Policy or are concerned about how we handle personal data, please contact us at: 


Phone:  1800 AVDESK 

Asset Vision
Suite 4, 799 Springvale Road
Victoria 3170 Australia 

If you have made a privacy compliant and are not happy with how we responded to your concern, you are able to contact the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC).  The OAIC’s process is available here.  

Policy updates  

We may decide to update this Privacy Policy to ensure that our personal data handling practices are correctly reflected.  If we make a significant change to this policy, we will notify you by email or put a notice on our homepage.  

This policy was last revised on 20 April 2021.