Department for Infrastructure and Transport in South Australia awards contract to Asset Vision

The Department for Infrastructure and Transport (DIT) is responsible for the design, delivery and maintenance of state infrastructure used to deliver essential and important services to the community, and for managing and developing transport networks and the service delivery that supports them within South Australia.

In November 2020, DIT commenced maintenance contracts with its service providers, divided into four zones covering 14,000 kilometres of sealed and 9,000 kilometres of unsealed roads across South Australia.

The four zones are:

  • Metropolitan Adelaide
  • Regional South
  • Regional North, and
  • Outback

In June 2023, following a competitive tender process, Asset Vision was awarded a contract with DIT for the provision of a maintenance management system (MMS) that will be used by the road maintenance directorate to order work from industry partners, and for surveillance officers to provide assurance over the work being undertaken across these four zones.

The South Australian government joins both the NSW and Victorian governments using Asset Vision to manage and monitor critical maintenance work on our roads. The Asset Vision platform provides a collaborative ecosystem where Government departments and their industry partners can work together to standardise work, share critical data, and ensure compliance to contracts and quality standards.

Our team is looking forward to working with DIT over the coming months.

For more information on the Department for Infrastructure and Transport, please visit: